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Why Protein is important straight after training.

Posted on May 23 2017

We all know that CrossFit is hard on the body

And we all understand that to continue to grow we need to push ourselves ….and listen to our coach!

Any resistance and endurance exercise will break down your muscle. Protein is key for muscle repair and growth. Without protein, our bodies can’t put together the structures that make up every cell, organ, tissue and muscle or heal as quickly after your workout. This will ultimately lead to a greater chance of injury.

Immediately post your workout is the best time. The agreed window is 60 mins. Not just for the consumption of protein but consumption AND digestion. Solid food will take time to digest so it is often best to take a protein shake such as Progenex Recovery to ensure protein is delivered into the body when it is needed most. Many find that a Progenex will help with the recovery of cells and muscle repair and they will find this also helps with reducing soreness after heavy sessions.

PROGENEX Recovery starts with a high quality whey protein isolate that is hydrolysed into tiny peptide sequences (di and tri peptides) of amino acids that are rapidly absorbed and delivered to your muscles in a matter of minutes. With many other supplements the whey isolate has not been broken down or it contains Whey concentrate which is less absorbed. To find out more about different proteins a search on Wiki can provide straight forward information.

Progenex Recovery - 

  • No uncomfortable stomach bloating 
  • Fast absorbing whey protein hydrolysate. 
  • Bio available branch chain amino acids and leucine.
  • 23g protein, only 130 calories for lean muscle recovery.
  • All natural flavours, tastes awesome.
  • Extremely pure, without the long list of additives and emulsifiers. 

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