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Athletes Love to Train But need to learn to rest!

Posted on July 15 2015

Athletes love training.... CrossFitters, weightlifters, bodybuilders, runners, swimmers!

Recovery takes patience, discipline and dedication. Pay as much attention to your recovery as you do your training and you’ll be a better athlete!Recovery starts with a good quality protein post your workout but is so much more than that.

1) Recovery is essential

Listen to your body and not your training partners. The time required for any individual to recover properly varies and depends on such things as age, fitness levels, diet and lifestyle factors. Some weeks you might bounce back within a day, whilst others might take a few days. 

2) Injury will strike

Without adequate recovery, the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other crucial parts of you, can’t heal as much as they need to. If they keep getting torn without being given a chance to ‘grow’ back then injury often occurs. That’s why you should regard your rest day, and your active recovery session as an integral part of your training.

3) Illness is greatly increased

Reduce your chances of catching every virus going around. If you’re getting ill a lot, then it could be a sign you’re not recovering enough between workouts. A day of extra rest this week can mean less illness. Cleaning your hands after a workout can also go along way to helping avoid illness.

4) Risk of burnout is increased

Even the best things can be damaging if you overdo them. That’s why after heavy periods of training - perhaps a very intense 2-3 week period - it’s crucial to factor in some more relaxed sessions to avoid burnout. We’re talking about both mental and physical burnout. If you find your performance slipping, yourself becoming unenthusiastic about training, regularly getting sick or injured, having trouble sleeping, it might be time to take a week off.

5) You are more likely to reach long-term goals

If you’re going to keep improving over long periods of time, you’re going to need to take regular downtime. It may sound counterintuitive but those who are completely committed to daily workouts and never take time off are usually the ones who lose their enthusiasm or burnout. Taking time out between workouts, and taking proper holidays from training every few months, will not just allow your body the time it needs to properly.


Train Hard, Recover Strong


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