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Why protein is important first thing in the morning.

Posted on August 26 2015

Why protein is important first thing in the morning.

Breakfast stands for “break the fast”. Eating a high protein breakfast compared to skipping breakfast has many benefits the first of which is feeding your hungry muscles.

Eating every few hours, helps us to keep a steady flow of nutrients and energy to our body so start by waking up and eating breakfast. When we include protein in these meals it helps to support our lean muscle mass, helps us to recover from exercise and helps to increase satiety. The consumption of a high protein breakfast can also mean that we will eat fewer calories at lunch and dinner.

Going for long periods of time without eating or eating very little actually increases our brain’s response to high-fat, high calorie foods and can actually cause us to crave foods that we wouldn’t normally eat! 

As our body really has no storage capacity for protein.  We actually need to look at our protein intake on a per meal basis and a meal with a very large amount of protein does not make up for having meals that may have been protein deficient. Protein needs to be included in every meal, so start with breakfast.

Progenex More Muscle can also be used to top up your protein consumption throughout the day. Depending on the rest of your diet and the time of day your train, many people find Progenex More Muscle or Progenex Flow an ideal quick protein top up mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

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