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What makes a GREAT Pre-workout Supplement?

Posted on July 03 2015

So what makes a good Pre-Workout Supplement? 

Most resistance and CrossFit training workouts are physically and mentally draining. Taking a pre-workout supplement can enhance workout performance. A pre-workout supplement should support your energy level, muscle strength and level of focus before you workout so that you can remain alert and avoid the onset of fatigue. Pre workout supplements won’t lift the weights for you but can help you with energy and focus to push through to the next level. It is also important that if you feel so flat before starting a session you have to decide if this is just low energy after a hard day or does your body need a rest!

What to Look For

A blended supplement that will support your energy levels during training, help with your focus and assist in muscle repair after intensive training. Key ingredients to look for should include BCAA energy sources, fatigue inhibitors, mind and concentration stimulants and nitric oxide to increase your blood flow capacity. Something that tastes good is always a bonus. Enjoy your training and enjoy your supplements!

What to avoid

A supplement that is only focused on stimulants i.e. caffeine or just on energy ie: Guarana or claimed fat burning boosters as this will not provide the range of nutrients needed for a good workout. Can you imagine doing thrusters with a heavy weight and head spins from caffeine. Also avoid pre-workouts heavy in beta-alanine as this may cause unwanted itchiness. It is also important to avoid over-dosing on a pre-workout so measure carefully or use a pre-measured product. Over dosing before a workout can lead to dizziness or other unwanted side effects.

What is in Progenex Force?

  • Surge NOS Activator™ proprietary whey peptide, increases nitric oxide production to enhance blood flow to optimize delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles
  • Citrulline amino acid to support human growth hormone release and optimise blood flow to increase exercise capacity.
  • BCCA’s and Creatine delivered as peptides, provide strict muscle fuel and improve utilization to prevent muscle breakdown, increase cellular energy.
  • Beta Alanine acting as a PH buffering agent to decrease muscle fatigue, increase endurance and neurotransmitter for mental energy.
  • Caffeine the low-dose addition of caffeine completes the powerful blend by boosting alertness and stimulating mental clarity and focus.
  • Gluten Free



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