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The Burpee. It has been a favourite for a long time!

Posted on August 03 2015

The Burpee. It has been a favourite for a long time!

The CrossFit Burpee.

What CrossFitters call a burpee. You stand upright, jump down into a prone position and getting your chest onto the floor and then jumping back up. With a small jump your feet must leave the ground, clap your hands above your head (not in front of your shoulders). This is an incredibly effective all-body move. Your form will start to slip quickly with this one if you don’t keep a close eye on yourself, so it encourages discipline!

There are vaiations with PT’s and gyms where the chest doesn’t touch the ground and feet don’t always leave the ground. This type of variation is up to the coach and up to the person!

The Burpee push up

Exactly what it says. Do your burpee but when you find yourself fully on the floor, push up into full extension with the arms and then go back down again before completing your burpee. You can add as many push ups as you want too - for example, burpee + 3 push ups for each repetition. Tough stuff and can add some fun!

Burpee over the step/bar/bag

The burpee jump-over encourages lateral movement, which is always good considering we spend much of our lives (and training) moving forward and back. It’s simple too and you don’t necessarily need a bench, you could use any obstacle. Just jump sideways in-between each burpee.

Burpee Box Jump

This one is good for more advanced athletes as the height of the box can be easily altered so it will always be challenging if you’re choosing the right height, speed and repetitions. It’s also going to build a lot more power than a regular burpee because you can’t get away with a semi-inebriated hop at the end of your burpee - instead you’ll need to jump onto the box, back down again and go straight back to the ground. Supremely tiring, this one will sort the mentally strong from those who don’t train their brains. Expect to have sore hip flexors the next day…

There are plenty more variations….. Try this one.

Burpee pull up 

One pull up, one burpee. Very challenging!


Train Hard, Recover Stronger and keep up the variations!


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