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Filthy50 – A CrossFit Staple

Posted on June 30 2015

Filthy50 – A CrossFit Staple

The Filthy50 is a workout that will leave you on the floor (and not asking for more!) This is a great chance to benchmark your progress. Make sure you have chalk or paper handy to keep count as you go…

50 Box jump, (24/20 inch box)
50 Jumping pull-ups 
50 Kettlebell swings, (35/26 lbs)
50 Walking Lunge steps 
50 Knees to elbows 
50 Push press, (45/35 lbs)
50 Back extensions 
50 Wall ball shots, (20/16 lbs)
50 Burpees 
50 Double unders 

Here a few of the Progenex TeamPRGNX team times from CrossFit.com.

Chris Spealler – 13.18

Jason Khalipa – 16.00

Rob Forte – 16.41

Matt Chan – 17.44

Brandon Swan – 17.55

Miranda Oldroyd – 19.45

Stacie Tovar – 21.22

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