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Tips from Courtney on teams

Posted on July 16 2015

With the 2015 All-Stars event on the horizon and many other CrossFit team events planned, I thought I would catch up with Courtney Fitzharris about competing in a team event!

Courtney has loads of experience having competed at many local team events, along with Team Active at All-Stars affiliate series and with Team Active at The CrossFit Games...not once but twice!


Courts, If you could tell us, what do you enjoy most about competing in a team event whether it is a local competition or The Games?

The thing I enjoy most about competing in a team is the team work and the fast pace work rest within a team workout. Competing in a team is obviously very different to individual but being brought up playing soccer, team sports are definitely something I love being apart of.

Do you consider any strategy go into each event or workout?

Within a team for myself and the team we would definitely go through a strategy consisting of what rep ranges we will all do. It will also determine what particular movement it is whether it will play more to my strength or somebody else's in the team. You would come up with a plan that bests suits the teams dynamics. A big part of a team strategy I believe is working on transition times between movements or changing equipment etc. It may not seem like much but it definitely  pays off in the long run.

What do you believe is most important in competing in a team?

The most important thing about competing in a team for me is making sure we do our best and compete to the best of our ability and have fun while doing it. If we end up winning then the win is just a bonus. Of course know one likes losing but as long as you know you have given your all for the team then that's all that matters. 

Is there something special you try to bring to the team?

The things I try to bring to the team is my competitive spirit and  experience within team sports. I also like to have a laugh and fun so I try to bring that to the team as well.

Do you try to team up with the same people or teaming up with others all part of the experience?

In training I train with my bestie Justine as well as my mum and whoever else is in the gym at the same time. We may not be doing the exact same thing but it is always good to be around people while training. In saying that I believe it is also good to train on your own as well to test and push yourself without having other people around to push you. 

If someone was competing in a team for the first time what is your tips?

If someone was competing in a team for the first time the advice I would give them is to just do your best, enjoy the experience and have fun. Don't stress yourself out  about being in a team you all share the load and your team mates are there to help you and you are there to help them get through your reps, movements and training in general. 


A big thank you to Courtney, I am sure we will see her competing in several events this season - Progenex

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