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Keeping Fit While You Travel

Posted on September 18 2015

Keeping Fit While You Travel

If you are on holidays and need to keep fit….well I will leave that one for another BLOG. This is for the many Crossfitters and trainers who travel as part of their job.

Staying fit with a busy work schedule can be a challenge, so this won’t be as perfect as your home routine but remember the purpose for training while you travel….. if you can be consistent with your training while travelling you can make gains next time you’re back in your home gym so even though it’s not perfect – DO IT ANYWAY.

Get Outside and Run

When I travel my preference is always running! This is not because I am a running freak.

Regardless of where I go, I love to see some of the local city/town/country. Running is great, you can pull on your running gear and be running through the local parks or city streets and when you’ve finish your trip… you will have seen some of the local area not just the meeting rooms and offices. No.1 exercise opportunity is the 5km run.


Check the hotel gym.

Never count out the hotel gym. But you may need to get creative.

If the hotel only has machines, crank out an old favourite: High Reps on the Pin Load Machine.

Pick a weight that will challenge you for 10 reps, do 10 then drop pin by one slot, do another 10, drop the pin another slot and crank out another 10 (no rest for these 30 reps). Do this for 3 sets, starting the pin back at your original weight.

Do this across Four machines and you will know all about this workout!


Or if you are lucky enough for dumbbells at the hotel gym:

Work up an EMOM routine (Every Minute on the Minute)

Try Dumbbell snatches or anyone of your other favourite exercises: Lunges / Squats / Strict Press

5 sets on the minute. Either 15 reps or 20 reps depending on your fitness.


Or the other favourite: 5 rounds for time.

Look around: Treadmill + Push ups + Burpees + V snaps. Select a number that will challenge you and stick to it. Remember whether it is inside the gym or outside. Don’t cheat your Reps.

Please remember the hotel gym is not the local CrossFit Box or Gym so don’t drop the dumbbells, scuff the walls or leave equipment sitting around.


So What If No Hotel Gym…..

Ok, time to hit the Park. If you feel like so cardio how about 10 X 400m sprints. I personally prefer to break up the sprint so this may work for you. 10 X (10 push ups, 10 sit ups followed by the 400 effort run). I don’t make these sprints and prefer an 80% effort so I can maintain rhythm).

Remember this will not always be perfect but if you hold your consistency with training while traveling you will reap rewards when you get back to your home box or gym.


Final thought is that while you travel……

Control your food and alcohol intake. These are your work trips not your annual holiday!

Don’t grab what is easy. Choose quality food and heaps of vegies. Grab your Progenex in travel sachets. Progenex More Muscle may be the best way to start your day, with a serve of quality protein first thing in the morning. I find Progenex Cocoon excellent for over-night recovery and helping me get a decent night’s sleep. Try it out and find what works for you.


Keep well and Train Hard. 


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