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Brandon Swan

City:  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Region:  Australia

Affiliate:  CrossFit Western Front

Games CrossFit Profile

Brandon founded CrossFit Western Front in 2011 when he wanted to offer something different and exciting to the fitness community of Ipswich and surrounding areas. He has been an athlete of sorts his entire life, mainly playing rugby league and union growing up, but also dabbling with swimming, athletics, soccer and many other sports where he could. Brandon enjoys competition and pushing himself beyond his limits, and whilst training clients as a personal trainer, discovered CrossFit and immediately fell in love with it as both a training methodology and a sport. Since then, Brandon has become one of Australia’s most consistent and successful CrossFit athletes, representing Australia & New Zealand at 3 consecutive Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson and recently becoming the second fittest man in the region. When he isn’t training or coaching, which isn’t often, Brandon is spending time with his partner Kelly, their pet cat Squishball and stretching out his excessively tight, but equally amazingly looking glutes.



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