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PROGENEX Amplitude Product Information

Amplitude Creatine Peptides

No doubt you’ve heard of creatine. It’s inarguably one of the most extensively studied and scientifically validated nutritional aids for enhanced performance and stamina. But you may still be surprised at just what the release of PROGENEX Amplitude means for you.



According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (Buford, 2007), creatine supplementation has been shown to:

  • Increase 1 RM muscle strength;
  • Enhance anaerobic power;
  • Stimulate muscle hypertrophy;
  • Build fat-free mass;
  • Increase ability to perform high-intensity exercise;
  • Enable greater lifting volume;
  • Increase muscle glycogen content.

PROGENEX Amplitude gives your muscles the explosive energy they need to take your training to the next level. How Creatine Works

When you engage in high-intensity exercise, your muscles rely on the availability of phosphocreatine in order to resynthesize ATP – a coenzyme which transports cellular energy. As you crank out rep after rep, the phosphocreatine stored in your muscles is depleted, diminishing available energy and the ability to resynthesize ATP. In short, you lose the ability to maintain maximal effort. A higher availability of phosphocreatine in your skeletal muscle enhances your body’s ability to produce ATP during high-intensity training. Consequently, your muscles last longer and can push harder (Buford, 2007).Creatine supplementation essentially allows you to train harder, resulting in increased muscular strength, power, and body mass (Okudan, 2005), (Earnest, 1995), (Volek, 1999).


Creatine Supplementation
Creatine is known as a non-protein nitrogen and is stored mostly in your skeletal muscle. Daily, your body breaks down 1-2% of creatine per day, converting it to creatinine which is then excreted in urine. You generally replenish your creatine stores through diet by eating fish or other meat, but to obtain quantities measurable in grams, you’d have to consume such large amounts that you’d intake excessive amounts of fat and protein.The average human can store up to 160 grams of creatine. Without supplementation, creatine levels almost never reach maximum capacity. But when used in addition to quality protein and carbohydrate, 3-5 g of creatine supplementation daily results in increased availability without excessive fat and/or protein intake (Buford, 2007). Extra availability means extra reps and weight. Extra reps and weight mean extra muscle size and strength.


Scientific Research
As mentioned above, creatine is perhaps one of the most scientifically vetted supplements available. Below are a few experiments that validate the role of creatine in amping up your training.


Creatine and Women
In one study, 19 women were separated into two groups: a placebo and creatine group. They were asked to refrain from medication and to avoid changes in their diet or level of physical activity. Both groups took part in a 10-week training program led by personal trainers. The Results:
  • Compared with placebo, 1 RP (rep max) increments for leg press, leg extension, and squat produced by the 10-week training period were 20-25% greater during creatine and also tended to be greater for bench press and leg curl.
  • Arm flexion torque was up to 25% higher in the creatine group than the placebo group
  • Fat-free mass increased more in the creatine group (+5.8%) than in the placebo group (+3.7%) and percent body fat decreased in the creatine group.
  • The study suggests that creatine supplementation allowed for longer periods of optimal training before overtraining developed. (Vandenberghe, 1997)

    Creatine and Men
    Nineteen healthy, resistance-trained men took part in a 12-week study in which one group supplemented with creatine (having never done so before) and another group was given a placebo. All of the men completed the same 12-wk heavy resistance training. Each man’s muscular performance was tested, body composition analyzed, and each offered a muscle biopsy. The same measurements and analyses were taken at the end of the study.The Results:
    • Fat-free mass increased 4.3kg in creatine group vs. 2.1kg in placebo group
    • 1-RM squat increased 32% in creatine group vs 24% in placebo group
    • 1-RM bench press increased 24% in creatine group vs 16% in placebo group

    Muscle fiber cross-sectional areas (Type I, IIA, IIAB, and IIB) all significantly increased in the creatine group where only one type (Type IIA) significantly increased in the placebo group (Volek, 1999)


    The Truth About Creatine
    According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, “Creatine monohydrate is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes in terms of increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass during training.” (Buford, 2007)The Society has taken a firm position on the use of creatine and has clarified the following myths:
    • Myth #1: All weight gained during supplementation is due to water retention.
    • Truth: Studies suggest weight gained during creatine supplementation and training is attributed to fat-free mass gain.
    • Myth #2:Creatine supplementation causes renal distress.
    • Truth: Creatine supplementation has zero detrimental effects on healthy individuals.
    • Myth #3: Creatine supplementation causes cramping, dehydration, and/or altered electrolyte status.
    • Truth: Creatine has actually shown to prevent injury and does not induce cramping, dehydration nor does it alter electrolyte status.
    • Myth #4: Long-term effects of creatine supplementation are completely unknown.
    • Truth: Creatine has been studied for years and has shown no negative long-term effects.
    • Myth #5: It’s unethical to use creatine.
    • Truth: Unlike anabolic steroids, creatine is an ethical ergogenic nutritional supplement and provides a healthy alternative to dangerous, performance-enhancing drugs.


      While the scientific community agrees that creatine can be an amazing product, athletes often find it has real issues with solubility and digestibility. If you’ve used creatine before, you’ve undoubtedly noted small, bitter grains at the bottom of your drink. These grains are a result of less soluble creatine. Add up all of those grains over time and you’re missing out on substantial amounts of creatine in your muscles. What’s more, if your drink isn’t “absorbing” the creatine granules, what are the chances your body is? That’s right. Many creatine products on the market today offer creatine that is not easily absorbed by your body. Ultimately, you’re paying for creatine to pass through your digestive system without finding their home in your muscle where it’s needed. PROGENEX Amplitude uses our specially formulated creatine peptides for maximum uptake and rapid absorption. Unlike other products, our creatine is tasteless and mixes well with other solutions. No grainy texture, no bitter taste – just high quality creatine monohydrate in peptide form that mixes well with your favourite PROGENEX shake, delivering rapid, real results.

      Get Your Gains
      Just as we’ve delivered superior protein in Recovery, More Muscle, and Cocoon, you can count on Amplitude to deliver superior creatine.
      • Gain lean body mass, strength, sprint performance, power, rate of force development, and muscle diameter.
      • Gain high-intensity exercise capacity and building lean mass.
      • Gain power output

        Amplitude gives your muscles the explosive energy they need so you can power towards a new PR, pack on more muscle mass, or simply crush your next workout. Take your training and performance to the next level. Add Progenex Amplitude to your arsenal today!
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