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PROGENEX Flow Research

    • Salmon!
    • The perfect non-dairy, non whey protein
    • Easily digestible
    • Delicious

      Salmon Protein Hydrolysate (SPH)

      PROGENEX Flow protein supplement is a salmon protein isolate that has been hydrolyzed into tiny di- and tri- peptide sequences. This special enzymatic process provides your body with a high quality, easily digestible and rapidly utilized source of protein.

      Studies on salmon protein hydrolysate (SPH) are remarkable. Researchers have discovered its ability to help:

      • Increase metabolism (Liaset, 2011)
      • Decrease abdominal fat (Liaset, 2011)
      • Reduce diet induced obesity (Liaset, 2011)
      • Decrease blood glucose levels (Liaset, 2011)
      • Reduce plasma total cholesterol (Wergedahl, 2004), and
      • Increase HDL cholesterol (Wergedahl, 2004)

        The Perfect Non-Dairy Alternative Protein

        For individuals who cannot use whey protein, PROGENEX Flow  is an obvious blessing. But even for those currently supplementing with whey, PROGENEX Flow enables protein supplement diversification to help ensure maximum results.

        Each protein source features its own unique amino acid profile. Compared to whey protein, salmon protein contains similar amounts of aspartic acid, histidine, methionine, serine, proline, and phenylalanine. Salmon protein, however, is considerably higher in alanine, glycine and arginine. These three amino acids each deliver a host of benefits, which include their ability to:

        • Stabilize blood glucose levels (Cryer, 1993) (Weithop, 1993)
        • Promote protein synthesis (Seglen, 1978), (McKnight, 2010)
        • Improve circulation (Bloomer, 2009)
        • Increase human growth hormone (Kanaley, 2008) (Collier, 2005)
        • Serve as cell protecting antioxidants (Matilla, 2002), and
        • Improve metabolism (McConnell, 2007)

        In fact, a recent study demonstrated yet again the impressive effects salmon protein hydrolysate (SPH) has upon metabolism.

        In 2011, Liaset and his team of researchers showed that rats whose protein source was switched from casein to a salmon protein hydrolysate became resistant to diet induced obesity.  The SPH fed rats experienced an increase in both their resting energy expenditure as well as their whole body heat dissipation. This was also accompanied by a decrease in abdominal fat and glucose levels (Liaset, 2011).

        The study’s findings were particularly encouraging as they indicated that dietary modifications could indeed ameliorate and possibly eliminate characteristic features of the metabolic syndrome.

        Furthermore, Liaset and his team ascribed the increase in metabolism to SPHs substantially higher amounts of taurine, glycine and arginine. These amino acids help produce bile acids that shift metabolism in the liver to “fat burning” versus “fat storing.” These amino acids have also been shown to increase blood flow.

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